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DV049 - 2 part special release

Whoring Out My Wife 1

Exactly like the title says, I "whore" out my wife to this VERY 
aggressive Black Dom. 
He takes my wife and treats her like she was meant to be, a filthy, 
nasty whore. In amazement, I watch as he slaps her face with his 
black cock, and then pulls back on her hair and shoves his cock down 
her throat as I watch her sputter and gag.
I start off by tying her wrists behind a chair so she cant get away, 
and boy does she get used rough!! She was even made to lick his 
asshole and service his cock in various humiliating positions.
He shoves her to the bed and shoves his cock deep inside her sweet 
pussy and just as suddenly takes it back out and makes her lick off 
her cunt juices before ramming it back in..........
The nastiest part is when he tells her to suck his cock until he 
fills her nasty married mouth with his sperm........just watching it 
all spill back out in long strands it's so filthy to watch!
He ends abusing my wife as he writes, "Black Cock Slut" across her 
ass cheeks with her own lipstick as he calls her degrading names as 
he did throughout this video!!!...........approx. 30 min.


Whoring Out My Wife 2

I just had to watch my whore wife being used by this aggressive 
Black Dom! I loved what he did to her the first time and couldn't let 
him go without seeing him abuse her one more time! 
He again, bitch slapped my wife with his black cock as he told her 
to suck and lick it. He shoved a black dildo inside her as he called 
her nasty names and made her take it as he got ready to mount her.
And again, he pounded her sweet pussy and took it out and made her 
lick his cock clean as she tasted her own cunt juices and he rammed 
it back in........! And he made her suck his nut sack as he told her 
what a "nasty bitch" she truly was.
He made my wife take his cock in her mouth so she could feel his 
sperm shoot into it as she had to keep it all in there until she was 
told to spill it all over his cock and to lick and suck it all back 
into her filthy, dirty mouth.
This Black Dom made my wife do so many nasty acts........and really 
proved to me that she is nothing more than a dirty whore to be used .........approx. 30 min.


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